Aetna Insurance and Breast Pump Coverage

All lactating mothers have some good news in store for them. The Affordable Care Act now requires insurance providers including Aetna to provide coverage for breast pumps. A breast pump will help ensure your baby is getting the right nutrients and in majority of cases will allow you to get back to work. Lenox Breast Pumps will help you receive a no cost breast pump through Aetna. We Deliver breast pumps to Aetna patients across the United States, this means that no matter what state you reside in, you can order a breast pump and we will ship directly o your door.

You can select an insurance plan on our website or simply give us a call to help you with your order. We offer a variety of different breast pumps from different manufacturers that you can choose from. All these breast pumps are covered by insurance. Some of the popular brands of breast pumps listed on the website include Medela, Hygeia, Evenflo, Ameda, Spectra, Nature’s Bond and many more. These pumps are 100% covered by your Aetna insurance plan.

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Breast Pump comparison

Breast Pump comparison

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Aetna insurance for Breast Pumps

One of the leading insurers that offer breast pumps to lactating mothers is Aetna. We have partnered with Aetna because we resonate with its values of simplicity, focus, and commitment. Its primary objective is to offer a better healthcare system to the nation. Aetna allows mothers to receive breast pumps anytime during pregnancy or after delivery of the baby in addition to subsequent births. It is equally important for moms to understand that Aetna considers breast pumps medically necessary for women who intend on breastfeeding an adopted infant.

Aetna places high importance on women's health and therefore offers a special plan that focuses on their reproductive health and allows them to get a breast pump from various credible suppliers such as Lenox Breast Pumps. If you have an Aetna health insurance policy, you might be able to purchase a breast pump as well as related supplies from us free of cost (or at a reduced rate). Aetna covers the following items:

Lenox Breast Pumps and Aetna Collaboration

Lenox Breast Pump is proud to be associated with a committed insurance plan such as Aetna and follows the insurance policies laid down by the company. Like Aetna, we are dedicated to helping lactating mothers all over the nation qualify for breast pumps through various insurance providers.

We are contracted with multiple reputable insurance providers such as Aetna and have adequate knowledge of the healthcare industry. Our representatives have the skill and training to manage all orders, starting from connecting with your gynecologist to filing for claims. With us at your disposal, you can keep the focus on getting ready for the birth of your baby.

Ordering an Aetna covered breast pump can be done in three easy steps so you can focus on what's more important, your health and your baby.

How to order

Order online - Step 1
Step 1

Order online by selecting your insurance or call us at (866) 474-4356.

Order online - Step 2
Step 2

Select your breast pump and we verify your insurance.

Order online - Step 3
Step 3

We contact your physician for a prescription and Ship you pump.