Benefits of Using a Breast Pump for Feeding

While there is no doubt that breastfeeding and breast milk have numerous benefits for the baby, it is easy to forget that breastfeeding might also have certain limitations. Consider the case of working mothers who need to manage home and outdoor chores and also take care of the newborn baby. Breastfeeding could often get unmanageable and tiring in such situations.

Breast Pumps
Breast pumps may be a totally new revelation for most new mothers. In the earlier times, when you faced problems related to lactation (infant or maternal), you had the option of using your hands for expressing milk and feeding the baby. But this was a highly time consuming activity.

Mothers (especially working mothers) have started giving preference to powdered milk formulas, readily available in the market for feeding their babies. Most of them claim that they contain all natural ingredients which are present in breast milk. Hence they can be considered as an equally gratifying substitute for breast milk. However, according to recent medical research, there is no actual substitute for breast milk. It is the best thing you can offer to your baby and protects against all kinds of diseases and infections by building the child’s immunity.

Why Use Breast Pumps
One of the biggest advantages of using breast pumps is that your child gets the nature’s best defense i.e. breast milk. Also, breast feeding is actually a form of natural contraception. Hence, during your lactation period, you won’t conceive again. Why is this important? Well, if a mother ends up conceiving again, she will not be able to produce milk and will have to opt for powdered milk to feed the baby.

With help of a breast pump, a nursing mother has the option of pumping and storing her breast milk and the baby can enjoy it even if the mother is unavailable at the time of feeding. This is particularly helpful for working mothers who might be at work during feed times and would still like to offer breast milk to their baby.

Breast pumps can also be useful when the baby is unable to latch properly but the woman is producing enough good quality milk for feeding. When you pump out an adequate quantity of milk, you can also manage to feed a premature baby at all times. Premature babies might require a greater amount of breast milk and attention.

Key Benefits to Mother’s Health
According to medical research, breast feeding helps in protecting mothers from serious health conditions such as endometrial cancers and breast cancers. Breast feeding is naturally protective for both mother and child. Hence, even if you aren’t able to directly feed the baby, breast pumps serve as a brilliant alternative to give them your milk.
In addition to this, if you have gone through any type of breast surgery, your breasts might not get stimulated easily by suckling reflex. In such cases, a breast pump can be very helpful for feeding the baby.

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