Handsfree Breast Pumps

Handsfree Breast Pumps: Pump on the Go!
The majority of the traditional breast pumps need you to connect tubes and bottles to a bulky machine. Not so convenient, right? Well, a lot of research has been conducted in order to understand what new mothers want when it comes to using breast pumps for expressing milk, and the results seem to be pointing towards a demand for hands-free breast pumps wherein they could forego undressing. Hence it comes as no surprise that the latest entrant in the breast pump market is the wireless breast pump which can rest beneath the bra and quietly collect milk in an internal pouch fitted in the device!
Pump on the go
Conventional breast pumps can put certain restrictions on a woman as she requires privacy to use them. When she’s outside, the use of these pumps is possible only when there is a wall outlet available. Further, a bulky tote bag is a must to carry a breast pump when going out. A wireless breast pump is a revolutionary device that offers new moms a quieter, portable and less restrictive way of achieving breastfeeding goals. There is no need for separate parts to be connected together in a hands-free breast pump. Each pair incorporates the tubing, flange, hardware and food storage bag as one single unit. These pieces are smoothly connected to each other and there aren’t any exposed parts.
The wireless breast pump is a boon for all new mothers, especially for the working moms who need to be out and about for a big part of the day. They no longer need to worry about expressing milk only while they’re home or in a secluded place. The wireless breast pump is a rechargeable device and can also be connected to a special app through Bluetooth. This app is useful in tracking time and milk volume and also the points where the woman is inclined towards expressing milk.
How it works
If you’re a nursing mother looking to understand the workings of a wireless pump, here are the basic steps that will help you use them:

  • Affix the breast pump in a way to ensure that the flange gets properly centered (similar to all other breast pumps).
  • You will find a set of controls atop the unit and these allow for easy operation of the pump.
  • The expressed milk will be collected in uniquely shaped spill-proof bags.
  • The intelligent pumping mechanism of the wireless breast pump has been designed for sensing each woman’s milk production capacity. It makes an automatic transition from the let-down to the expression phase.
The wireless breast pump device will be available in the market this year onwards and is likely to become a big hit among all new moms. You can use this advanced pump for 4 or 5 sessions in a go once it is charged. It is also easy to clean the pump in your dishwasher after it has been used several times.

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