Taking the Help of a Lactation Consultant for Breastfeeding

Even though, breastfeeding is considered to be an absolutely natural and the healthiest way to feed a newborn baby, it does not come very naturally to every new mother. This is where the role of a lactation specialist becomes important.

Things that a lactation specialist can help with
You will usually need the consultation of a lactation specialist in the following cases:

  • If you your baby is unable to latch onto your breast or feed frequently, a lactation specialist might be able to help.
  • A lactation specialist might also be helpful if you notice that your baby has been feeding for more than ten to twelve times each day and the feeds last for over 30 to 40 minutes post the first week.
  • It is not normal for a newborn to have very less bowel movement and hardly any wet diapers. Typically, a breastfed newborn baby should have pass one or two stools every day and have 1 to 2 wet diapers as well.

 According to recent studies, mothers who try and work around breastfeeding with lactation consultants tend to continue breastfeeding for a longer period of time. This is a great thing since breast milk is known to contain antibodies which offer protection to the baby from all kinds of illnesses. In addition to this, breastfed babies have fewer chances of becoming obese and likely to enjoy higher IQ scores.

Role of a lactation consultant
Lactation consultants could take you through the breastfeeding basics before the arrival of your baby. This will include guidance about getting the baby to latch-on correctly and the ideal breastfeeding positions. In fact, you can get a lactation specialist to join in and help you during the initial few feedings by providing hands-on tips and instructions. She can also help you in overcoming certain complications you may encounter during feeding.

There are various other areas where a lactation consultant can help you. For instance, you might be worried about not insufficient milk production or feeling of discomfort when breastfeeding post a C-section. Other women have problems with blocked milk ducts and sore nipples or might feel a loss of connection with the baby because they are working or have medical issues. Lactation consultants can solve all such problems, just like how a friend would help you.

It’s important to note that newborn babies require nursing around eight to twelve times every day to get sufficient amount of breast milk. If your baby is falling asleep consistently while at your breast, or the swallowing is inaudible, then milk transfer might be inadequate and consultation with a lactation specialist would be advisable.
A lactation specialist can also guide you with the use of breast pumps that are easily covered under your medical insurance plan.

Finding a lactation specialist
Majority of the birthing centers and hospitals provide lactation specialists for all expecting mothers. But even otherwise, it is quite easy to find a good lactation specialist if you take the recommendation of a friend or family member.


Article Reviewed By Crystal Ibetoh MD, MBA reviews each article and ensures the accuracy of the health information. Dr. Ibetoh has strong medical interests in women's health and preventative medicine. She is also a mother of three and uses her medical expertise in addition to personal experience to provide advice about breastfeeding.

*The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding breastfeeding.*

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