The Perfect Breastfeeding Diet

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to burn all those calories while sitting comfortably on their lounge chair, without having to move an inch? Well, for new mothers, this dream can actually turn into a reality, all thanks to breastfeeding. It’s actually true. Did you know that milk production can burn up to 500 calories every day? This is just one of the several wonderful breastfeeding benefits.

So what is the best food to eat when you’re breastfeeding? Read the article to get an understanding of the kind of nutrition you need so as to make enough milk for your baby.

Guide for healthy eating during breastfeeding
The fact that you’re losing calories via milk production does not mean that you should be gorging on junk food like potato chips. Quality of food consumed is very important, particularly when you’re breastfeeding. Since you’ve already been eating a nutritious diet in the previous nine months (during pregnancy), continuing it shouldn’t be that hard. Also, by now, you would be aware of the dos and don’ts of a healthy diet.

How do you achieve the right balance of nutritious food every day? Here is a list of nutrients that should be a part of your daily meals when you’re breastfeeding your baby.

  • Three servings of protein (eggs, chicken, legumes, lean meat, pulses, tofu)
  • Five servings of calcium (milk, yogurt, cheese)
  • One (or more) serving of iron-rich foods (dark green leafy vegetables, red meat, apple and other fruits)
  • Two servings of Vitamin C (orange, guava, papaya, tomatoes)
  • Three or four servings of yellow and green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, capsicum, pumpkin)
  • Three or four servings of yellow fruits (mango, banana, yellow apples)
  • A serving or other vegetables and fruits
  • Three or four servings of complex carbohydrates and whole grains (oats, wholegrain cereals, breads, pasta)

In addition to the above mentioned list, it is vital for lactating mothers to consume a small amount of high-fat foods as well. Nutrition experts also recommend the intake of a good quantity of liquids-water, non-caffeinated drinks, juices etc. Alcohol should be strictly avoided while you’re breastfeeding your baby.

There are some supplements including prenatal vitamins and omega 3s which should be taken as per the doctor’s recommendation. Omega 3 helps in promoting the brain growth of your baby. Good sources of omega 3 fats include salmon, DHA-enriched eggs and sardines.

Foods to avoid during breastfeeding
What are the safe foods to consume after pregnancy? Here is some good news, if you love sushi and have obviously not got any during the nine months of pregnancy; it’s time to indulge in some! But it’s important to still avoid all kinds of high-mercury fish like tilefish, mackerel and shark. Also limit those fish that contain even little quantities of this heavy metal. In addition to this, avoid foods that might cause potential allergic reactions such as peanuts.

If you’re planning to start work again after pregnancy, you can make use of breast pumps to express milk and leave a feed for your child in a bottle. These are easily covered by your medical insurance plan.

*The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding breastfeeding.*

Article Reviewed By Crystal Ibetoh MD, MBA reviews each article and ensures the accuracy of the health information. Dr. Ibetoh has strong medical interests in women's health and preventative medicine. She is also a mother of three and uses her medical expertise in addition to personal experience to provide advice about breastfeeding.

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